From failure to success

From failure to success is one small step

Albert Einstein used to say that “Failure is Success in Progress”. But how can that paradoxical quote be true? There is a strong connection between passion, performance, and failure, but they lead inevitably to success. Most of the time, people who feel passion for what they do meet failure before performance and success.

Why? Because the enthusiasm and ambition from the beginning are firing them. They lack the experience, technical knowledge, and handiness required. But if their passion is strong, they can easily go from failure to success. Yes, they might fail, but their drive doesn’t let them give up.

You could say that in simple words, the formula that changes failure to success looks like this:

passion → failure → potential → passion → failure → maturity → performance → success

Failure is important

Always remember that one of the most important lessons in life is a failure. And in this world, there are two categories of people: those who learn from their failure and those who don’t. When the first category does something and miss, it doesn’t repeat this mistake and pays more attention. But when something goes well, it takes notes and repeats the actions. They focus on their choices and actions and exclude what is not productive.

So, in life, it’s not important if you are a winner or a loser, but if you learn your lesson or not.

The following lessons will teach you that failure is success in progress:

  • failure teaches us to trust spirituality and a higher vibration;
  • failure teaches us to be modest and humble;
  • it helps us realize we can’t always get what we want;
  • failure helps us learn how to correct our mistakes and wrong ideas;
  • failure teaches us to prove character and dignity;
  • failure teaches us to be consistent;
  • failure teaches us we can survive;
  • failure helps us see new possibilities;
  • failure teaches us to imagine and create new ways to solve things.
Failure to success
Failure to success

It’s essential to realize the benefits of failure. Anyone who perceives failure as just another step to success is prone to performance. It’s important to change the negative thoughts about failure in optimistic thinking.

From my perspective, failure taught me more than all my successes together. When I fail I sit and reflect on every step I took and what other steps were better. I failed many times, but it only enraged me to fight back stronger and wiser. And failure made me appreciate my success and performance more than before.

Someone once said that “failure is the home of weak perseverance”. When you have a dream in which you believe with all your power, don’t give up! Sometimes, you take secondary routes or you make a little stop along the road, to assure your survival. Sometimes, a supplementary effort, one month of wait or a phone call can show you the way from failure to success.

You can become an expert and a successful person in the arena of your dreams, but never let the temporary failures to diminish your passion. Most of the times, success if waiting just around the corner.