Tony Robbins Movie - I am not your guru review

Why a Tony Robbins movie?

The newest Tony Robbins movie is called “I am not your Guru” and was produced in 2016. It’s currently one of the documentaries from Netflix platform. I am a sucker for motivational speaker videos and movies and Tony Robbins movie can easily fit into that category.

I was struggling with low-confidence and depression relapse back in 2017. Also, I never had too much confidence in my own strength. But when I found online videos about motivational speakers, I felt a shift of conscience and something changed inside me. I listened to speeches from Simon Sinek, Thomas Bilyeu, Eric Thomas, Lisa Nichols, and more others. Their words and life experiences inspired me and made me wish to become better.

Only these days I found about the Tony Robbins movie “I am not your Guru” and I watched in on Netflix. For me, this kind of documentary contains exactly what I need. You get to witness from inside how Tony Robbins seminary is working and what they are doing. I admit I am very reluctant when it comes to gatherings, ideas of cult groups or brainwashing things, but this movie gave a very honest and insightful perspective. Although the price for a seminary is quite high many people decide to go there against all odds. It’s interesting that some of them spend their last cents for this event. But I believe that many of them really need this type of experience.

We get to witness in the Tony Robbins movie some heart-breaking stories from people who suffered the majority of their lives. Other persons were simply not admitting that their passiveness and comfort were in the way of their success. It’s really relevant when someone is showing you the path from failure to success. The movie explains all the techniques and how these events happen.

Who is Tony Robbins?

We get to see Tony Robbins’ habits and how he prepares these events with his team. We hear some of his life experiences and what made him who he is today. Many people felt disappointed that this movie is not just about Tony Robbins. But I don’t think it was meant to be about him and he wouldn’t like that either. It’s commonly believed that there is much more about him that he is not telling.

I personally believe that there is nothing more to tell about Tony Robbins’ life that is said in the documentary. He really mentioned everything that people needed to know. His struggles and what made him who he is are enough. To me, it feels that what you see is what you get. Tony Robbins is trying to help as many people as he can to reach their highest potential. And this movie is not about him, but about his work. And I think we get to witness plenty of his work in the footages from the “Date with Destiny” seminary. I believe this movie is also a sort of advertising of his seminaries. Hence, I don’t think is wrong to see it like that, either.

People expect him to reveal some atrocities that happen to him and made him who he is today. But that is not necessarily what shapes someone to be a helper. What really shapes someone to help other people is his empathy and not necessarily his life events. Yes, it’s true you understand better the person next to you when you go through similar experiences. But if you are an empath you can easily feel and imagine what the person in front of you felt or is feeling. So, I believe that this idea that you have to be one of the biggest suffering persons in this world to become a motivational speaker is wrong. A lot of people suffered and it changed them into outlaws and revenge consumed them.


In my opinion, this Netflix documentary, Tony Robbins movie, is what its title says. Tony Robbins is not your guru, he will only force you to see things inside you that you were not aware of. You come to realize your own strength and capabilities. Because in the end, you come to realize that You are your own guru.