UFO on Mars - TwistofCreation

The NASA rover, Curiosity, used to capture very interesting UFO on Mars, and the following flying object is one of the most intriguing objects. In the following object we spotted a UFO on the far distance of the surface of Mars. We would have said it is just a faulty lens of the Rover’s camera, however it is not the case. We could also analyze the previous and next images in the row and we could see the strange UFO only in one picture. This could mean that the flying object was captured only for a moment before the rover snapped the next picture. What is very intriguing about these images is the presence of lights on the Martian surface. Let’s see the first image captured on Mars.

The image was taken at Sol 3285 (2021-11-02 09:42:51 UTC) by the Right Navigation Camera onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity. After 2 minutes, the Rover captured another picture, this time we noticed something strange in the photo.

UFO on Mars - TwistofCreation
UFO on Mars РTwistofCreation  РImage Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This image was captured on Sol 3285 (2021-11-02 09:44:35 UTC). You can clearly see a flying object in the far side of the surface. The surface of Mars is also looking quite strange. The soil mound look a bit like a small village. In these images we could also spot various light sources. What could these lights and the strange UFO be?

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Stay curious!