why negative thoughts come in mind

Why negative thoughts come in mind? The reasons are numerous and various. But sometimes, when you can’t just get these toxic thoughts from your head, you should seek help. There are many reasons and some of them can be easily solved.

1 – Depression

One of the reasons why negative thoughts come in mind is depression. Although the doctors and scientist are not sure yet what is causing depression, it is sure that the brain structure and function are altered. During the depression, the brain is deprived of dopamine, the happiness hormone, so the negative thoughts roam free in the mind.

To treat depression and prevent the negative thoughts associated with it, it’s important to seek specialized medical help. The medication will rebalance the neurotransmitters in the brain. Don’t overlook this problem. More and more people suffer from depression and it’s increasing with each year.

2 – Hormone imbalance

If you find yourself often thinking about bad situations and events, it might be because you suffer from a hormone imbalance. Sometimes, a low level of estrogen in the brain can cause depression and this takes us back to square 1.

The level of dopamine and serotonine are affected by the imbalance of the hormones and mood swings become more frequent. However, this problem can’t be solved with antidepressants so it’s important to check with your doctor and receive proper medication.

3 – Exhaustion

Why negative thoughts come in mind?
Why negative thoughts come in mind? Source: pexels.com

Another cause of why negative thoughts come in mind could be exhaustion. I know many friends who are workaholics and their mood gets worse with each day. The thing is I was one of them, too. When you work for a prolonged period of time and you don’t make time for relaxation and leisure, your mind fights back.

If you’ve been working for the last 6 months without taking days off and even working over-time, your mind will fight back with negative thoughts. Try to take at least three days off and relax your mind and body.

4 – Hunger

A basic reason of why our brain creates bad thoughts could be because it’s not receiving nutrients. it’s common saying that people are moody when they are hungry and feel much better after eating.

So, next time you wonder yourself why negative thoughts come in mind, first make sure your body gets the basic things it needs.

5 – Sleep deprivation

In the same category with the basic needs, it’s the sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that people can die if they don’t sleep for a longer period of time. If a certain condition prevents you from sleeping, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for help. Sleep deprivation for a long period of time can cause brain damage.

6 – Being sick

We all know how sad and moody we are when we catch a cold, and sometimes this is a cause of negative thinking. Illness can cause a lot of distress, whether it’s something difficult or a simple cold. You can’t fully enjoy life in that period of time and your body is in pain. It’s normal not to feel too much joy.

It’s important to take proper medication to treat the illness. In this case, the negative thoughts will most likely pass as soon as you get better.

7 – Medication side-effects

If you read the recipe for the majority of medication pills, these days, you will see there are a lot of side-effects. And in many cases, depression is one of them.

In case you are undergoing some sort of treatment, discuss with your doctor. They might inform you if any of the pills or substances you must take can affect your mood.

8 – Pre-Menstrual-Symptoms

For women, negative thoughts can be more frequent because of the pre-menstrual-symptoms. The monthly hormonal changes in the human body can cause mood swings.

These symptoms are normal and shouldn’t be a problem. In these moments it’s important to take care of yourself and do the things you enjoy.

9 – Low self-esteem

A lot of people duel with low self-esteem which is causing them to think bad thoughts about themselves. They are constantly criticizing their body characteristics and abilities. They see them as very low in comparison with the people around them.

This problem is very general and could be caused by the social media mirage. Especially in teenagers, they tend to see how perfect other people and their lives are based on what they see on the Internet. They don’t know the entire truth, only figments of what other people want to show.

Many of these negative thoughts can be replaced by growing self-esteem. If people would focus on developing themselves, instead of observing other people online.

10 – Toxic people

Sometimes the cause of your negative thoughts is not you but the people you surround with. When the persons around criticize you, talk only about bad things, gossip around, whine or blame, you are affected.

Next time you wonder why negative thoughts come in mind, observe if the people are you are the cause. Chose to surround yourself with people who support, cherish and love you, with people who see the good in everything and have an optimistic mindset.

 11 – Overthinking


Go from sad to happy
Go from sad to happy Source: pexels.com

Overthinking can cause some big monsters. If your friend didn’t call, you begin to think that maybe they hate you and don’t want to see you. When you are meeting a new situation you keep thinking of a lot of “What if?”-s. Overanalyzing and overthinking everything can eliminate the joy of life and keep you in a constant mental struggle.


Learn to let things go and see them as they are, instead of reshaping them in your mind.

12 – Past Traumas

Sometimes, a past trauma can haunt you all your life. A past accident or life event such a divorce or the loss of someone dear can create a lot of negative thoughts. A lot of these problems can’t just be erased from your memory. In this case, it’s important to discuss these problems with a psychologist or therapist.

These are just a few causes of why negative thoughts come in mind, but I believe there are a lot more causes. Many of these negative thoughts can be changed into positive thinking with a little help. But it’s important the change to come from within.

(Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels)